What We Teach
Aikido & Aikijutsu
Practical form of self defence using Aikido and other martial art methods
Respect to each other
Non violent philosophy
Practical approach to a real street fighting
Weapons disarm
Multiple attacker defence

Where To Find Us
Classes take place
Mondays 6pm-8pm at our Queens Park \ Kilburn dojo.
The First Class Is Free and then £10 per class after that

Jubilee Sports Centre
Caird St
W10 4RR

What Happens in The Class
The first 10 minutes in the Aikidoflow Dojo classes are spent warming up and practising break falls.
Learning how to fall is an essential part of our training as the better you are at the break falls, the more intense you can practice.
Then we progress with 2 techniques that are chosen from our curriculum.
We start in a gentle manner which enables us to learn and understand the individual technique, and then continue with intensifying the approach so that it becomes more combat like.
Applying Atemi (strike or distraction) makes any technique more valuable from the street point of view application and as the techniques intensify you will learn how to apply these to construct your techniques into a more practical situation.
We aim to make the classes entertaining and interesting. We incorporate fitness training along with weapon classes so that you can learn how to use a sword (bokken), Stick (jo) and also how to disarm knifes, guns and other weapons.

Friendly Class
We believe that creating the right atmosphere in the class is essential for teaching and learning, in our classes everybody is equal and we don’t believe in a hierarchy and dismiss ego trips.
The classes allow for plenty of individual tuition and it is easy in learning to know everyone by their name. Everyone, male and female are welcome to visit and try out Aikidoflow or to visit from another club in the UK or around the world, and there is no charge for the first session.
Please wear comfortable clothing, be prepared to train in bare feet, and bring something to drink.

What else Do You Need To Know
A fee of £10 per session is payable if you pay per class.
You can also choose to pay by direct debit or purchase 5 or 10 sessions which will work out to be a lower cost per class.
We also have a yearly membership fee (£45) due every February which covers the cost of personal insurance and your Grading passport.

Dress Code
Anyone who is visiting for a trial, just starting or visiting is welcome to wear comfortable sports attire such as tracksuit trousers and t-shirt. Established members wear a Gi, a Japanese white loose-fitting martial arts top and trousers, which costs about from £25.